Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You Never Know What You Will See!

Continuing to share unexpected things that we see…

We went to the grocery store the other day for a few things.  It is always interesting to see what is stocked on their shelves or in their cold cases.  A few times we have found Jimmy Dean’s frozen sausage patties – a real treasure!  Every stop at the store now includes a search for the elusive package of Jimmy Dean’s frozen sausage patties.  Today we did find pork, but it wasn’t the exact thing we were looking for…  Yep, that is a whole pig in there – trotters and all!  (trotters = feet)


While searching the frozen food box I came across this little jewel, or should I say this box of fungus…  I guess it would help if you are Italian.


And then there was this… I think it is time that someone produced a show teaching the world how to make real, TexMex tacos.  Just say ’n!


You never know what you will see!

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