Saturday, February 28, 2015


I am happy to know that relief has arrived in Liberia!  The relief is in the form of two forty-foot containers filled with approximately 286,000 individually packaged meals of fortified rice and nutrients. 

Offloading the first container

Offloading the first container

One of the side effects of this Ebola issue is hunger.  The country has been placed under Marshall Law by the government.  This action has curtailed most movement around the country by the citizens.  A lot of businesses have closed their doors to operation which means that people have lost jobs.  Markets have closed and that means that it is very difficult to obtain food.  The Ebola treatment centers have also faced shortages of food.


The elderly and young children are the most vulnerable.  These meals will make a tremendous difference in their lives.  Assemblies of God World Missions, Convoy of Hope, Christian Health and Alliance of Liberia and the Assemblies of God in Liberia have all partnered together to furnish these life-saving donations to the people of Liberia.

More containers of food, medical supplies, and medical equipment are on the way to Liberia today!