Friday, January 30, 2015

Where It All Began

Lofa county is the epicenter of the vicious Ebola virus that has killed thousands in Liberia.


According to a report from BBC News on January 23, 2015:  Researchers from the New England Journal of Medicine have traced the outbreak to a two-year-old toddler, who died in December 2013 in Meliandou, a small village in south-eastern Guinea. The Gueckedou prefecture in Guinea, where the outbreak started, is a major regional trading center, and by the end of March, Ebola had crossed the border into Liberia. It was confirmed in Sierra Leone in May. In June, MSF described the Ebola outbreak as out of control.

People have stayed away from Lofa County in fear of the Ebola virus. Only in the last couple of months have non-residents begun to travel once again to the Northeast corner of Liberia. Last weekend, January 24-25, 2015, the Executive Director of CHAL (Christian Health Association of Liberia), Mrs. Patricia Kamara, along with CHAL Board President, Mrs. Elizabeth Mulbah and CHAL Board member Mrs. Marion Subah traveled to Mbalotahun (Place of Hope) Leprosy Town Clinic in Lofa, County. The CHAL members were on a mission of mercy. The visit to the Leprosy Town Clinic gave them the opportunity to survey the situation first-hand. There are many Ebola survivors and family that live in this small village.

Kamara and the others were able to deliver 30 cartons of individually-packaged meals to the residents. 30 cartons equal 6,480 individual meals. These meals will furnish vitamins, nourishment and hope to a community that is in desperate need.

Leprosy Town Clinic 1

A few victims of leprosy and survivors of the deadly Ebola virus along with their children and a staff member of the Place of Hope Leprosy Town Clinic in Lofa, County, Liberia, receiving the CHAL donation. The boxes are part of the 6,480 meals donated by Assemblies of God World Missions USA, Convoy of Hope USA, and the Assemblies of God in Liberia.

Leprosy Town Clinic 2

CHAL Executive Director, Patricia Kamara, along with CHAL Board President, Elizabeth Mulbah, and Board Member Marion Subah stand with the Officer in Charge of the Place of Hope Leprosy Town Clinic. Those sitting are staff members of the clinic.

The clinic and the community were overjoyed to receive the donations from Assemblies of God World Missions, Convoy of Hope, CHAL and the Assemblies of God in Liberia.

The WHO says Guinea has reported its lowest weekly total of new confirmed Ebola cases since the week ending 17 August 2014. Liberia has also had its lowest weekly total since June. Sierra Leone has reported a fall in the number of cases for the second week running and recorded its lowest weekly total of new cases since August.

We thank God that there have been over one million meals donated by AGWM and Convoy of Hope. Within the next couple of weeks one million more meals will arrive in Liberia to be distributed to the needy and hungry. More food, medical supplies and medical equipment will be arriving in Liberia in about 40 days. Due to the generosity of many people, many people are receiving life-sustaining gifts!