Thursday, March 27, 2014

You Like Bush Meat?

I have always been somewhat amazed at the various food items that are consumed in Africa.  Some are very good and tasty.  Some are not.  And some I have never tried.  Bush meat falls into the latter category for me.


What is bush meat?  That is the question that I have asked many times.  The answer that I usually receive is, “I don’t know.”  Umm… My taste buds are certainly not excited when I hear that answer, nor do I mimic Pavlov’s dogs.  When we were in East Africa, we didn’t hear the term “bush meat”, but we did hear about “mystery meat.”  I am not sure if they are the same or not.


So, what is bush meat?  I suppose it would be any kind of animal that is found in the jungle.  Yes, I said, “any kind” of meat!  Do you remember the old Hee Haw show where one of them would ask, “What’s for dinner, Grandpa?”  How about a pot of this –


If that does not tickle your palate, how about this one –


Are you hungry yet?
I think I will fast today… and probably tomorrow!