Monday, August 27, 2012

The Mission of God

My wife and I have the wonderful opportunity of traveling from church to church sharing the mission of God, which is the redemption of lost humanity. Our involvement in this great mission is centered in Liberia, Africa, but God’s involvement is worldwide. Out of the 7 billion people in the world today, 1.5 billion are Muslims, 1 billion are Hindu, 600 million are Buddhists, and there are untold numbers of animists and secularists. We are told that there are more than 7,000 language groups in the world today that do not have an indigenous proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. These people need to hear the life-changing message of love - God’s love. And they must understand how that love will not only transform their lives, but their nations as well.

Liberia is a country devastated by civil war. From December of 1980 until 2005, the people of Liberia have suffered tremendously, and the country continues to reel from the effects of those wars. One-quarter of a million people have been killed, and at least one million have become refugees in other countries.

The Liberian Assemblies of God has suffered as well. Over 350 churches and two Bible Schools have been destroyed in the wars. Today, the Liberian Assembly of God leadership has committed to build 800 new churches over the next 10 years. Fredna and I have the privilege of working together with our Liberian brothers and sisters to see this effort materialize. We will be involved with construction, training, teaching, and preaching in Liberia.

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Liberia, Africa