Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mbabzi Miracle Center


Mbabzi Miracle Center, the church with a new tabernacle.  This church was in desperate need of a structure.  The one they were meeting in had actually fallen to the ground.  When this happened, they moved their meetings to one of the member’s home.  It seems that this member then decided that they would separate themselves from the church, which then left them with no place to meet.

There was a donor in the USA that had donated the funds for a tabernacle to be built in Africa.  This is the great equation for building: need + resources = building!


The pastor and his family were so excited to be getting this tabernacle.  They have been at this church for over a year.  Today, they are worshiping along with their congregation under a new structure.  They have already begun the process of molding bricks in order to finish the building.

Mbabzi is a small community about 25 kilometers from Lilongwe.  This church has already made a huge difference in the area, and not doubt will continue to grow and impact the area with a greater sphere of influence.

Hanging Iron                          Another Iron Sheet

High Up                          Finished

We thank God for churches like Mbabzi, and we thank God for donors who supply the resources to build in Africa!