Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Tabernacle

Msaliza, Area 47 is the site of the latest tabernacle to be built.  The church has been meeting in a classroom at the school.  Renting a room at a school is both good and bad.  It is good in the sense that a church is able to find housing.  It is bad because the classroom severely limits the number of people that can attend a service.  In other words, the growth rate of the church is hampered when it is housed in a school classroom.

Construction Pastor looking on

Pastor Maclean Banda and the congregation of Msaliza Revival Center desperately needed to move from the classroom of the school and get their own

building.  The church was able to purchase land to build on and donors from the USA provided the funding to purchase the tabernacle.  Construction began on Monday and was completed by noon the following day.  The church will begin to mold bricks in order to brick in the walls.

Pastor & Mrs. Maclean Banda School classroom

Today the church held their first service under the new tabernacle!

Almost completed tab