Wednesday, December 26, 2007

About Malawi


A country about the size of Pennsylvania with the continent's third largest lake, Lake Malawi. It is about the size of Vermont! Malawi is known as "The Warm Heart of Africa". 12.5 million people live in Malawi. We will be stationed in the capitol city of Lilongwe.

The weather in Malawi is tropical; rainy season December to March The lake shore areas have low rainfall, and a warm relaxing climate, with mean daily temperatures ranging from 26C in Jan. to 21C in July. The highland areas have greater temperature changes and the air is bracing. The nights can be cold. The dry season is in the winter between May and October. It rains quite a lot between December and March.

The Assemblies of God have about 2,000 churches in Malawi with the initiative to plant another 2,000 in the next year. There will be a pressing need to train pastors and help with church planting efforts. We look forward to the challenge before us!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Name Change

Today is the day of change! You will no longer log into this blog and see "Good News from Namibia". Fredna and I have arrived back home in Texas for our furlough, but we will not return to Namibia for our second missionary term. We are transferring to the country of Malawi. In the upcoming days I will attempt to give information concerning this country and the work we will be involved in.

In the meantime the address will remain the same, but the name of this blog will now be "Malawi Matters". Welcome to Malawi!